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  1. Ron Strider

    Could Easthampton Become A Massachusetts 'Marijuana Destination'

    Days after Gov. Charlie Baker signed a new recreational marijuana bill into law, several officials at Tuesday's Planning Board meeting said they would support a strong, thriving legal cannabis trade in Easthampton. "There was some concern expressed about this becoming a marijuana destination...
  2. K

    MA: Cannabis Fans And Foes Speak Out At Easthampton Planning Board Meeting

    Easthampton - The Planning Board heard from diverse sectors of the public during a Tuesday night discussion on local zoning and recreational marijuana. Youth advocates asked the board to limit the visibility of retail pot shops so as to avoid "normalizing" the drug. Businessman David Boyle...
  3. K

    MA: School Officials Want To Limit Marijuana Stores In Easthampton

    Easthampton, Mass. — Easthampton school officials are urging City Council members to consider imposing a limit on the number of stores that can sell marijuana. School leaders and youth advocates Wednesday night voiced concern about how an increase in marijuana shops could impact teenagers...