1. P

    Auto grow disaster

    I am currently growing a auto anesthesia plant outdoors in the UK. I grew it indoors for about 4 weeks and then moved it outside. It has been outside for 2weeks now. Disaster struck about 4 days after moving outside when half of one of the leaves was eaten off. Another leaf was then eaten off...
  2. B

    Plant problems - Can't figure it out

    So most of my plants are doing fine. Looking good, a few spider mites here and there but they're under control, but lately just a few of our plants are having weird problems I cant seem to diagnose from the internet. Hoping someone can give me a hand! I think it's nutrients or PH but my mentor...
  3. GreenH0rn

    Leaves are beeing eaten by bugs

    Hello everyone I have a problem with the leaves. Everyday there are more leaves with holes and i dont know why? Maybe because something is eating them? I dont know what to do. I dont see any bugs and i have looked everywhere. HELP! Im growing indoors (computer case), AUTO FEM Low Rider #2 3...
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