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  1. Why Doe

    I need a drying rack

    I'm using a 2x2x4 tent to do my drying and curing. I purchased a 3 foot one on amazon but it was ungodly big, also been told the 2 foot one will not fit either. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Do they even make square ones!?
  2. P

    New guy

    Hey everyone, Pakman here. I'm fairly new to growing, haven't yet harvested a crop but I have had a few unfortunate failures. I've been scouring the Internet for a few years now, searching forums and asking for help. Unfortunately previous forums I've tried tend to either ignore my posts...
  3. I

    100% germination

    everyone always bitches when things dont go well so i do the opposite. i wet 8 seeds and theyve all popped in 24 hours. ive never done this either so even at the hands of a moron i had success. i will use GYO again soon
  4. T

    Zinc and Papin Latex

    I've recently read white papers on these two items effects as adulteratnts in unite testing. Would ingesting either or both be helpful in passing UA for THc-COOH?
  5. A

    Lightbulb Moment!

    Hi All, Just wondering if someone could help me figure out what light's I should be using in a new 2x2x2 Tent I recently bought, I have been looking into x2 1000w MH/HPS otherwise should I go for x4 600w MH/HPS? How much light per square ft am I looking at with either options? Thank you...
  6. G

    Too soon to tell?

    Hey guys, I began my first crop about a month back and now believe that this plant of mine is about to, or has revealed it's sex. Can some of you guys help me out to verify this? I think it's either a herm or male :/ Sorry for the low-quality picture btw, best I had available to me atm. :Namaste:
  7. T

    Creating a hybrid question

    Let's say I want to cross a Blueberry with a Jack Herer. Does it make a difference whether I pollinate a female JH from a male BB, or a female BB from a male JH? Can I expect the same results either way, or does a hybrid have more of a tendency to take on the traits of either the mother or the...
  8. H

    New to edibles and about to decarb for the first time

    basically never had access to any so thanks to this site decided to venture into the world of edibles. First grow, found and roughly shredded 2 male plants that were in 12/12 for about a week. gonna put into the oven so i can try either the oil or butter! looking fwd to getting something...
  9. DoctorX

    Deciding on a strain

    I need some advise on 2 strains, this will be my second grow and I want to go with a stronger strain! The first strain I grew was the LSD strain which was relaxing but was not great for my pain. So I've narrowed it down to either Acapulco Gold or Ghost Train Haze any advice would be greatly...