1. D

    DIY - Enclosure

    I have a couple clones that I started a couple weeks ago that have been in my main tent. The reason that I even started them was when I was hanging my fan in my tent I dropped it and it broke a couple small branches off my plants. Since my light schedule is on 12/12 now having these clones...
  2. onewarmguy

    Heat from 1000W HPS?

    Hi All, I'm pretty new to all this and I recently scored a couple of 48" daisy style reflectors with mogul sockets, 2 mechanical MH/HPS ballasts and 4 1000 W HPS bulbs and I've got some questions that I'm hoping to get some answers to. I only grow a plant or two (this year it's Auto Jack Herer)...
  3. Buds

    Buds Bagseed Grow #2

    So my first grow was in a closet, and the return was pretty lousy considering time invested, so I am hoping to turn around a batch within 3 months rather than 6 this time. Here's a picture of my new enclosure - you will notice also I have switched to CFL's (1600 lumens each) at least to start...
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