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  1. C

    Calaveras Kid 420 Music

    I am blasted by rap music during harvest by the youngsters.. I wish they could chill out musically Please go ahead and add your favorite here I have been enjoying this one a lot lately.. Somking my keef this Christmas morning and drinking my coffee
  2. Ashley Mae

    New member

    New to growing and enjoying marijuana. Would like grow tips
  3. LostFroggie

    Wonderful To Meet You All

    Hi All ..... JoeGrow here and I'm a new member .... I am a product of the 60's and am almost retired (help crew out now just two nites a month) and enjoying the heck of rolling one in the morning and enjoying the great outdoors .... Soon I be moving to a 420 friendly state and will start to...
  4. O

    Oldboyz online - Hello

    Just saying hello. Been growing and breeding for many years for personal pleasure. I'v documented my last few grows and I'm going to start posting diaries now. I've been enjoying a new strain Mango Saphire, look out for the diary.
  5. K

    Austin, Texas: Hemp Life Festival

    When: February 25, 2017 Venue: Palm Park Austin, TX United States Website: Hemp Life Festival Hemp Life Festival (HLF) is a hemp and music event founded in Austin, TX. During the festival, visitors will have a chance to experience the power and benefits of hemp by trying out...
  6. HashGirl

    Catchy Tunes I'm Currently Enjoying

    Catchy tunes to me are songs that you can't sit still through: