1. D


    :thumb:after 37/40 croaked seeds got some new old familiar after their rumoured change-up, which all & sundry deny,cks is back with some easy grows, nice fat, white little roots & green in 2.5 days. to coin a phrase; 'excellent'.:thumb:
  2. C

    High As A Giraffe's Ass

    This is Cozz McSlop, official CANNAssuer from Houston, Tx. I took the name from the 1973 Funkadelic album Cosmic Slop. I'm a freelance illustrator, specializing in putting a 420-spin on tried-and-true themes. Let's network! Whether you wanna talk business or chew the fat, if you hit me up, I...
  3. D

    1st scrog

    1st scrog. Scrog is set at 9" above plant base. I cropped the tops between 5 and 6 nodes. Then I did a mix of cropped and FIM on the second set up from the center. Did some lolly popping at week 5 of veg.. Going into week 6 of veg. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
  4. kwingibingi

    Help me use my leaves with trichomes on to make some tea or other drinkable stuff

    Hello I got some leafs and I would like to use that in some êasy way. I'am vegan so I will use only plant based fat. Is there any easy recipe to make some tea? I checked YT but everything is based on animal fat... Any help graeatly appreciated Please move my thread if putted in incorrect forum
  5. branson111190

    Nothing works - Only burning fat does

    Nothing you do will take THC metabolites of your body . There is no secret drink , special potion , or magic beans you can eat . It's very simple . THC metabolites stick to fat cells . All you need to do is get up off your back end and exercise , and eat healthy . The more fat you burn , the...
  6. R

    general smokin

    Has anyone noticed how the smoke you exhale has a light blue tint to it? I have carefully observed this many times, and have came to the conclusion that it is the blueish tinted smoke you exhale that contains that green goodness in it. It came upon me when i was hot boxing a car with some...
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