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first grow small tent

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    Is my plant an autoflower or photoperiod? It's been 36 days

    Hello fellow growers, I planted 3 seeds 36 days ago thinking they were autoflower seeds, but 2 of the plants don't seem to be showing any signs of pisil hairs so I am starting to think they might be photoperiods instead. I started a different strain at the same time and it started showing hairs...
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    First time growing, need alittle help!

    Hello new to both growing and the fourms but lurked alot. I had just a few questions on my small personal growing set up. I was planning on putting it in my over sized master bed room closet(its huge like 8'x12') a GGT grow tent that is 2′ X 2.5′ X 6'7″ ,1000w hps lamp, 6" inline exaust with...
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    1st timer need some advice

    Hello my Mary-Jane fiends ;) So I´m thinking of ordering a 4x4feet tent with a 400 or 600w prob Cool tube due to that I live in the mediterranean. Do you think I need that or can I go with a regular reflector? I have some experience of tropical plants in vivarium wich I hope will help me a bit...
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