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    Abandoned First Grow, Berry's, Beginner, Indica

    Hi guys, i am a beginner grower :) This will be my first grow. I follow every advice i want to be smarter and smarter. So i plant 2 different weed. 1x Blackberry Kush , 1x Auto Fastberry. After the seeds arrive, i place them into a glass for 6 hours, and after that 32 hours in a paper towel...
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    Completed First Time Grower

    hi guys first time on here and first time grower, ok just need a little help in knowing what im doing is somewhere right or completely wrong lol ,i have a 80x80x120cm tent one 300w cfl with reflector plus a further 2 30w cfls im hoping to grow 4 plants 2 bubblicious and 2 bubble cheese both all...
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    Completed Picking Up After a Half-Arsed Start (Bagseed, First Time Grow)

    Good afternoon everyone (well, it is in the UK! Good morning, everyone else). I've been reading this forum for a little while and have picked up a few very helpful pieces of advice, so for that, before I start: THANK YOU for info I have already gathered, THANK YOU in advance for anything I...
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