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  1. BTzGrow

    Upgraded to a Black Diamond Perfect Sun Mini

    Hi all, new 420Mag forum member and first time indoor grower, so if I make any noob mistakes, please help and be constructive. I started my grow with a 22 Sun Blaze T5 light fixture. 2foot by 2 bulbs. Only read about 120PAR at a distance of about 5 inches. I was actually researching after...
  2. B

    What do you guys think of these T5 LED's?

    What do you guys think of these T5 LED's? Might be an inexpensive option if bought fixture and bulbs separate. Cheap fixture for $30, 4 bulbs for $65. T5 Led Lights - LED Grow Lights Hyperikon T5 LED Light Tube, 3.75 FT (45.25 Inches), 22W (54W equivalent), 5000K (Crystal White Glow)...
  3. S

    My first grow in 4 1/2 years

    hey everyone, this is my first grow I've done in 4 1/2 years. Pretty excited to get them huge (as I'm sure everyone is LOL. I have a 2x2x5', secret jardin dark room tent, a dual 24" t8 fixture with 2 15 W t8 bulbs with 2350 Lumens between the 2 . I believe this is good for now, but i will be...
  4. R

    Novice - Help with basic growing

    Hello all, I'm a novice grower and I would greatly appreciate some help diagnosing some growing problem that I may have, I have read your thread on how to post for help, so please excuse too little or too much information posted. Any help from some more experienced growers would be greatly...