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    Bruce with flash bb2 what a wicked plant . Hitting it tonight !! Throe day cure .
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    Bruce with flash
  3. wrongdog

    Kush Van Stitch 60 Day From Seed

    I decided to post my first grow journal after I saw how this pair has taken off. Strain: Kush Van Auto by Flash Seeds Advertised as ready to havest at 60 days from seed with 19% THC and over 5% CBD at 25-50 grams per plant. This is my first auto grow, but I expect that it will take a more than...
  4. I

    Taking clear pictures with HPS light on

    If you have a semi professional camera and on some phone cameras you will need to turn on the flash and increase the shutter speed to to fastest setting on the camera. That way when you take the picture the light from the flash is the light that is captured with the picture instead of the...
  5. R

    Gramps' Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert Is About More Than Getting High

    You might think the 18th-annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert would be a hippie-ridden, dreadlocked-Rasta smoke-out, but the organizer, who goes by the name Flash, would tell you to sit your blunt down. For him, it's education over sedation. "We want people to learn at the event and then...
  6. E

    CFL - Indoor - Soil Grow - Jack Flash #5

    Hello everyone! Thanks for coming and checking in for my new grow! I had an autoflower grow, this is my 2nd! What strain is it? 3x Jack Flash #5 from Sensi, (Jack Herer x Super Skunk LINK ) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 50-50 Indica and sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage...
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