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  1. S

    Fogponics Cloner

    I have been enjoying my 3D printer quite a lot since I received it about a month ago and have had it printing not stop on various different things. This is my latest design / concept of a floating platform for a fogger I bought off of amazon. The fogger has an optimal distance below the water...
  2. Vestrimatrik

    Quick question about pollen application

    So I've heard of cutting it with flower to make it stretch further and so it's not as airborne, but what about mixing it with water to completely eliminate any stray floating particles? Would this affect the viability? Has anyone ever even tried this? Just wondering
  3. S

    Nutrient floating in a ten gallon fish tank no fish?

    eep water culture? Well hello forum . I need to ask some questions pick some brains if you will .what i would like to do is take part of a closet and grow . What i would like to do is grow in a ten gallon fish tank with floating Styrofoam .. Does this work for cannabis ? Will this just be prone...
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