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  1. 420d0wnund3r

    Heavy defoliation and shock: Longer flowering periods

    Hey everyone, I am 6 weeks into flowering after the light cycle change with Eleven Roses a 100% Indica by Delicious Seeds. I am a keen defoliator and like to scrog my girls. I also keep an accurate track of my grow times which vary depending on the strain. Elle (I have nicknamed her) was in veg...
  2. K

    Question about flowering time outdoors

    hey guys, Im pretty new to growing so I wanna ask sth. I think I'll pick some Bomb Widow seeds. I'll grow them in late spring (March-April), they will grow in size till 22 June (summer solstice), and after that the flowering would begin. The thing is, I won't have access to the plants in July...
  3. cufix

    Signs of a hermie?

    Hey, I heard somewhere, that pistills which changes color too soon might be a sign of a hermie. I haven't found any male balls or somehting, but still could anyone check those photos and tell me if there are any strange signs? Besides I think my flowers are a bit small for 26th day of flowering...
  4. Y

    How does plant maturity affect flowering period?

    Hi All! This is the first thread I'm starting on :420: , so please be gentle! :) I searched through the masses of forums and couldn't find a thread answering quite what I wanted to ask, so if anybody is willing to shed some light on the topic I would really appreciate it. The best way I...
  5. C

    How many more weeks should i flower?

    the top bud is about the size of a wallnut....the buds going down the plants and the ones branching out are the size of popped popcorn. my plant is 4weeks 5days into flowering. how many more weeks should i let it flower....i for sure dont wanna cut it to soon.
  6. N

    Autoflowering vs "Normal" strains

    Hey everybody! I'm starting my first indoor grow, and I have a few questions about differences between autoflowering strains and normal strains... So I basically have 3-3.5 months to complete my grow and harvest. To avoid cutting it close, I decided to purchase seeds of the autoflowering...
  7. D

    White Widow Flowering Length?

    I am nearing completion of my first grow of White Widow and would like to know why people suggest to flower for 10 weeks. Is it to increase yield or for better quality smoke or something else ?
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