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  1. J

    Newbie with high's?

    Used to smoke years ago. Now vaping cco and eating rso to deal with chronic pain, but more importantly anxiety. When use, I end up feeling like I want/need to do something, but my mind is going so many different directions, I cannot focus to complete a task. Is that couch lock, because I end up...
  2. M

    One of my pre flowers is looking kind of funny

    One particular preflower is looking like it hermit. I can't really tell yet tried to take a pic but it's too small my I can get my phone to focus in on it. All the other ones look normal. If I does turn out hermit, will I be fine if I remove it b4 it opens?
  3. B

    So - Any canna-yogi's up in here?

    Anyone here smoke a bit before going into a yoga routine? I do it a bit to deep my stretch and break past the wall if I'm struggling with endurance but I can't seem to find a strain that can reliably keep my head clear enough to focus enough that I only do it occasionally. I'm thinking a edible...
  4. rillos

    Tricome pic - Can't really focus my eyes