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  1. N

    Lucas Formula Feeding Question

    Ok probably a dumb question, but wanted to try the Lucas Formula in a soil setup, but what I don't see mentioned in any material I have read is how often do you feed with this solution, is it at every watering, or every second or third watering?. I appreciate at the seedling stage it would be...
  2. S

    Does Lucas formula make sense? Ever tried it?

    Does Lucas formula make sense to you? Have you ever tried it? Lucas formula: famous simplified nutrient mix (and its variations) of simply 5 ml of General Hydroponics FloraMicro and 10 ml of FloraBloom per gallon (no FloraGro), used for hydroponics from beginning to end of grow. Liking to...
  3. Z

    Iconic grow and ionic flower vs GH using Lucas formula

  4. B

    Need help

    I just pulled my Phototron from the attic and found out they went out of business. NOW............I need the fertilizer for it. It's called CV75 BaseFormula and CV65 Continuous Feed Formula. Anyone know if they are still available or if something else can be used? Thanks
  5. M

    Weed washing formula - Quick and easy help needed

    MallorcaWeed; Outdoor Newb
  6. rillos

    Using Lucas Formula

    :420: I've been using lucas formula with GH nutes in both my coco coir and DWCR systems. Is there anything I need or should add during the 12/12 cycle. :thanks:
  7. rillos

    I need a second set of eyes

    :420: How's everybody? Got some super lemon haze in coco coir lucas formula nutes under 600w HPS. Should I cut now or wait. :thanks: https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/trics22.jpg[/img]
  8. M

    Need help with the lucas formula please

    hey every one i am new to this my question is i am growing 6 plants hydroponic (ak47) each one in 5gal bucket and one 5gal resorvior so in total 35gal. i want to use the lucas formula (Add 8ml of Flora Micro to 1 gallon of water*, mix, and then add 16ml of Flora Bloom into the water, and mix)...
  9. DutchDude

    Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Formula

    While I was at the hydro store looking for perlite and deciding between adding coco coir, vermiculite, soil, or anything else - I stumbled across a "professional blend" made for self watering pots (which would be a hempy grow, right?) Anyway, already mixed, reasonable priced, I picked up...
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