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    GageGreenGenetics - On Auction At MyCananpot - Floruit, Lucid Bold And More

    :Namaste: Hi! We have just received a few new packs by breeder Gage Green that you can find at our auction-area at myCannapot. These regular cannabisseeds are worth a bid for sure, as we know they are rare - you can check all auctions here: MyCannapot :: Cannabis Strain auctions And...
  2. CannaPot

    GageGreenGroup At The Auction-Area At The Cannapot Hempshop

    Hi there :) Just wanted to let you know that we have a few very nice strains by the GAGE GREEN GROUP now available at our auction area --- these seeds are very limited and rare as hell at the moment... You can find different cannabisstrains like Amethyst, Blast, Cornerstone, Mendo Breath...
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