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  1. J

    12 weeks in should I harvest?

    Hey guys first of all sorry i dont have pics my gals are sleeping right now Anyway... Tomorrow will be 12 weeks from sprout, this is my 1st indoor grow and im using CFL, all 2700k for flowering in my closet. I started with 8 unknown bagseeds i got from a close friend and were all from high...
  2. J

    How much longer to flower?

    Hey im 10 weeks in from sprout, 5 of that was veg and im growing under cfl 2700k for flower and 6500k for veg,since starting flowering ive been using black magic bloom boost and my last watering i started using 2tsp raw-unfiltered honey per galllon of water. So my question is... How many more...
  3. J

    Lighting positions CFL

    Whats too close for cfl right now? Im 3 weeks in from seed and most of my gals are 1-3 inches away from bulbs. Right now im mostly using 5000 and 6500k bulbs but i do have a few 2700k that arent close to the gals and i do have air circulation in my closet. But basically im just wondering if its...
  4. J

    Can I use run-off water?

    Hey i was watering my gals yesterday over a few bags and drained them into a container and sealed it. Im just wondering if i watered my girls with it would it be beneficial at all and if so should i water the run-off down before watering my gals with it?