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    MA: Georgetown Selectmen Mull Recreational Marijuana Restriction Options

    With recreational marijuana possession - and eventually, commercial sale - legal, the Georgetown Board of Selectmen is looking into implementing a moratorium on it in Georgetown to allow the Planning Department to come up with new guidelines for the controversial new industry. "We're not...
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    MA: Marijuana Dispensary Agreement Approved In Georgetown

    After months of negotiating, the Georgetown Board of Selectmen has approved a host agreement with medical marijuana company Healthy Pharms. This opens the way for the business to start growing cannabis for sale at 401 E. Main St., where an envelope factory once stood. Like all the other...
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    Georgetown, DE Holds Public Hearing On Possible Medical Marijuana Center

    Entrepreneur's with an eye on medical marijuana have expressed interest in opening up a medical marijuana dispensary, or compassion center, in Georgetown. It's been a slow road for the medical marijuana business in the First State. Just last summer was the first compassion center to open in...