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  1. cbgb

    Germination help please!

    hey 420 peeps . hope you are all having a good day ...... after so mant=y grows i am having a lot of trouble with germ. something thath was never really an issue ............. do seeds get harder to crack open as they age in a cool ,dry and dark place. i have had a few issues with seed caps...
  2. tryan2grow1

    Autos to germ for DWC

    Mother Nature has allowed me the chance to bring some auto flowers to life. To ensure the best, strongest seedlings there are some clarifications required. My plan is to put the beans to germ directly into rapid rooters. Germ them in a warm dark environment. Now once germed I know the young...
  3. L

    Started Germ in Peat Pellet

    I am a newbie at growing and I started my germination in a peat pellet. The seedling has already popped through the soil. When I lifted the peat pellet up I noticed the taproot coming out from the bottom of the pellet and I don't know what to do.
  4. cbgb

    Need a little love - I want to go outdoors

    hello 420 friends . looking for some good info. from germ to harvest about planting outdoors in the northeast i did some searching but could not find any good information..... thanks :Namaste::420::thanks:
  5. A

    Noob Question?

    PS what's the fastest way to germ