get rid of podwery mildew

  1. J

    Powdery mildew: How do I manage it?

    Hello fellow growers I’m currently growing 12 taho clones in my closet grow, very tight proximity to one another. I just defoliated and noticed white powdery mildew. most fan leaves are okay but about 40% have it, and it looks like small white circles on the leaves. It’s not to bad ... yet. I...
  2. Perfect Sun LED

    DIY Sulphur Burner Under $5 Get rid of PM

    This works. I got rid of my PM. I burned it two times, 3 days apart. PM has been gone for weeks. You might want to burn it 5 days apart to cause less stress, and then 3 applications 5 days apart, or even 7. Be sure to keep temps high 77-82, and humidty low. Keep a fan on the plants. If you...
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