gibberellic acid

  1. Bubba’s Sis reversal experiment

    Bubba’s Sis reversal experiment

    Almost four months since flip
  2. DutchinAB

    The Lemonade Stand

    Welcome to the Lemonade Stand. We have some photoperiod Pink Lemonade seeds from 34 Street Seed Co to drop. We are going Dutch here, you’ll have to bring your own lemonade! :rofl: This is a hybrid of Pink Kush and Lemon Skunk, here’s some info from the breeder; “This strain smells fruity, and...
  3. 20200718_114252 GA3 process.jpg

    20200718_114252 GA3 process.jpg

  4. 20200718_124541 GA3 process.jpg

    20200718_124541 GA3 process.jpg

    2 liters distilled water for GA3
  5. 20200718_112245 GA3 process.jpg

    20200718_112245 GA3 process.jpg

    91% iso for GA3
  6. 20200718_112427 GA3 process.jpg

    20200718_112427 GA3 process.jpg

    Gibberellic acid (GA3)
  7. 20200718_125348 GA3 process.jpg

    20200718_125348 GA3 process.jpg

    GA3 spray bottle
  8. 20200718_125547 GA3 process.jpg

    20200718_125547 GA3 process.jpg

    Candida-seeda post GA3 spray #1
  9. M

    Mrs. Natural Feminized

    although I have been growing marijuana for quite a while, I am really new at talking about it publicly. so here is what happened. I started this post in a wrong category could not figure out how to move it so I am starting it over in the right category. sorry about that. the gear: 400 watt...
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