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  2. D

    Howdeee from Dopey

    I go by Dopey Doo, I'm from the great northern state of Minnesota. 25 years young, long time recreational enthusiast of the herb. I'm a hobbyist glassblower turned independent professional.
  3. M


    Hey guys, My name's Amanda, I'm from Texas. I'd love it even more if they decided to legalize my herbs♡ This April will be my first time attending the Cannabis Cup♡♡♡ I'm 26 yrs old, I'm only here to get the 411 on what's going on since I work all the time and forget to check the news lol I...
  4. TSOAFcirca

    John Dillinger Mini tube

    My friend bought a mini tube off John Dillinger himself :circle-of-love: Best hitting piece I've hit
  5. BongIn Stoner

    New Piece From Bongin Workshops

    New pure glass bong with twisted iceholder :) Can be customized by placing up to ten characters on the mouthpiece!
  6. Darby

    High From Oregon

    High, My name is Darby . Im a glassblower from oregon. I Have been blowing glass for 13 years . You can find my work at head shops across the united states and beyond . I enjoy My work . I hope you do to .
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