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  1. johmby


    I am setting up a grow room. My interest is a perpetual garden in 15 gallon cloth pots of Coco and worm compost. Some scrog tables 4x4. Some tress. Goal is large plants through a 12 week veg. All LED driven. Any comments?
  2. P

    Training help

    My Setup: DWC Setup w/ 5 gallon buckets Fox Farms Nuts iPower Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH 1000-Watt pH 6.2 grown from clones Day 39 This is my first grow, and I'm almost ready to flip. I added a nylon net a week ago or so about four or five inches above the bottom growth. I think I need...
  3. LEDBud

    LED and HPS together - Yes

    This is my current grow , I have 3 more LED panels and a 2nd Cool tube to add. 4 plants in 15 gallon smart pots @ 5 weeks