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  1. H

    New Member

    I'm lovin 420 Magazine...There's nothing newbie about me...I'm 75 years old in March. My wife says, get a Hobby or get out!!! So....I bought a 4x2x60" grow tent, 4" inline carbon filter and fan, and two 300 watt LED lights.... My Grandson's brought me 18 seeds from Costa Rica (Skunk ?) and if...
  2. ilikemsticky

    Sticky's bud pics

    ok hello, im going to try my first post with photos of my current grow we will see how this goes lol if it goes rite i will have some gorilla glue &ice thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions :thanks:
  3. Eyetim9

    1st Grow - Cheap Setup - Northern Lights

    Long time toker first time grower. Sooner or later it should be legalized nationwide but in the meantime..... 2 northern lights seeds germinated on April 9th or 10th. Apollo 600watt MH/HPS light w/ ballast and timer and adjustable rope hangers from amazon for 265$ I believe. Had some...
  4. Xenonrae

    When uploading photos it says 'upload error: 404'

    As the title says, when I go to upload a new photo now, I select it from my computer, and the loading bar goes to full, then the box goes red and says 'upload error: 404'
  5. Heraldo

    Storm Vaporizer

    After a couple of days with it I decided to spread the good word since it seems to have flown under the radar here on 420. The storm is an inexpensive 3-in-1 pen vape made by Vapefiend. It really feels well built for the price, it's got replaceable batteries and it didn't take me long to get...