1. 4

    Best way to make vape juice and supplies?

    hello. i am wanting to make vape pen tips. i was wondering if anyone knows the best way to make them, and the best place to get the tips. i have food grade pg and food grade vg. one guide i read said to use flower, and cover it with 190 proof alcohol and the pg and vg which takes like 2 weeks...
  2. J


    Looking for seeds. Any type right now. Looking for medical or high grade pot.
  3. Desertrat60

    Can I use water that has been pH lowered with food grade Phosphoric acid?

    Our well water is nearly a 9 on the scale so I bought a qt. of food grade phosphoric acid . I'm unsure if I can use this stuff to water my babies . Steve
  4. R

    10 States That Are Getting Medical Marijuana Right

    Though marijuana is as accessible as it's ever been, thanks in part to large-scale political pushes and legalization efforts, huge swaths of the country still can't get their hands on it. And that's a monstrous issue, particularly for those who need medical marijuana or its derivatives to live...
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