1. JayGeneration

    Grapefruit Diesel

    Grapefruit Diesel by Next Generation Seeds
  2. S


    Hi I'm kinda new to all this I've had 3 successful iced grapefruit and thought I'd try pineapple kush I put it on 12/12 from start and I think it's hermied It's week 4 of flower and I think there are balls forming at we're the fan leaves join the stem, I don't know so would like advice some...
  3. Littlegee1988

    What's your strain?

    Just joined the site a few days ago looking to make some contacts and find out what people like to grow over here, I'm on with super iced grapefruit at the moment and my first run were some bag seeds ready to harvest any day now
  4. dc534

    Which strain should I go with? (First-Timer)

    I recently came upon some seeds I have 20 of them, 5 of each strain all are feminized. I plan on only growing 1 plant at a time, this is going to be a stealth grow. This is my first time growing. I am not going to detail my setup in this part of the forum. I will say this its in a garbage bin 44...
  5. B

    Bigbuddhauk 37L Airpot/Coco Indoor Grow 2012

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All Welcome To My First Indoor Grow. 5xBig Buddha Cheese, 1xGrapefruit, 3xBlue Cheese. All From Clones Big Buddha Cheese and Grapefruit 3Weeks Old Kept Under T5 Light Untill Blue Cheese Clones Turn up. Blue...
  6. S

    My First Closet Hydro Setup, Round Three: Grapefruit

    Hey there 420 mag forum goers! A friend of mine showed me his grow journal on this site the other day and I was inspired to sign up and get one of my own going. This closet operation has been an ongoing project of mine for about ten months or so now. It has been my first experience with...
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