grow big autos

  1. JayandFun

    My 2nd Medical Grow!

    Hey guys! I hope you enjoy following me. I’m growing 2 autos and also 1 dog from my friends happy and growchy My setup is simple. I’m using a Mars 2 900 donated by MarsHydro! I planted 3 babies and They are doing quite well so far! From front to rear Front plant is growchys dog...
  2. weedman79

    Crop Kings - NYC Diesel Auto - Ice Wreck Reg - LED Grow

    1. Roots organic soil-will be using distilled water 2.300w led 3. millard grow tent farm nutes 5.Lights will be 18-6 whole way 6.Crop King seeds- Nyc Diesel Auto- Ice wreck reg 7.Seeds are in a glass of water till tomm, and then damp paper towel in warm, dark place..then into 3gallon...
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