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  1. djdmaze

    Giixer 1000w LED Concerns & Misinformation

    Hello everyone at 420, new member here, proud to be apart of the community. I follow many threads here, but finally decided to register after starting my latest grow. We (my spouse and I) have some previous grows under our belt via soil and coco, even some I did by myself some years back. As of...
  2. Y

    600W LED First Time Grower

    Hello 420 family.. I'm gonna grow cannabis for the first time.. As it is strictly illegal here i have to be really cautious..1g can get you 6 to 10 years prison.. Here in my country there isn't any strain and we can buy seed online or whatever we have only one strain here brought from indian...
  3. O

    Need Help - growing lights for a few plants indoors

    Hi First of all I thank you for reading this. I had my first grow about 10 months ago , those were a few plants i had on a pot in my balcony (outdoor actually) and I had the seeds from my bud (bag seeds). They actually turned out so good, much more than what I was expecting. Now in the winter...
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