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    Help on Haze grow

    Hey guy I just upload a picture to my profile but don't no how to put it here to ask a question, can yous plz go take a look and let me know please. my question is on the pic description.. Thanks u all for your help .....:420: :thanks:
  2. Joesoap

    Abandoned 3 Strain - Aurora Indica - Wonder Woman & Haze #1 - Nirvana Grow

    Hey everone, Im growing all nirvana strains here. The wonder woman and the aurora indica are fem'd and the haze#1 is just ordinary seeds. For this grow im going to be using: (a)1 WW, 1 AI and 2 HAZE#1 seeds. (b)Plagron all mix for my medium, then moving to plagron bat-mix soil for flowering...
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