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  1. Afghani


    Little buds forming
  2. F

    New here but will blow minds way with how I've learned to get 10x or more growth in 1st few weeks in veg stage.

    I am currently working on marketing this fully tried, tested & true way of getting much MORE life (many many more branches, nodes in under 4 weeks) that has NEVER been seen at this level. I used this without ANY co2, but since I've been using compressed co2 it has been just as great. What I'm...
  3. I

    Help! Self Watering Pots From Walmart

    Hey everyone. I was wonder what's your opinion on these self watering pots from walmart. Someone said they put nutes at the bottom and water from the top. I put water at the bottom this morning and the tray was dry a few hours later. Is it supposed to do that? Are they looking healthy? Help please
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