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    CO: Six Things We Learned From The Mowgli Holmes Keynote At Seed To Sale

    Mowgli Holmes gave the keynote at the Seed to Sale Show in Denver on January 31, and he taught the crowd a thing or two – or six – about cannabis. Holmes is the co-founder and chief scientific officer at Phylos Bioscience, which has created a web of over a thousand cannabis strains. The web...
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    CA: Elite Cultivator Banks On Marijuana Legalization Across The West

    Las Vegas - Marijuana cultivation is a family affair for Los Angeles native David Holmes. A couple of his uncles grew cannabis, as did his brother. But while they were off planting and harvesting, Holmes was busy studying mathematics in college. "And at that point I wasn't really a...
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    The Man Mapping The Cannabis Genome Is Changing The Weed Game

    Because he's a scientist, not a back-slapping venture capitalist, Mowgli Holmes loathes using the term networking to describe even the portion of his job that entails shaking hands in the cannabis industry. But it was networking that brought the chief scientific officer of Phylos Bioscience in...
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    Sir Paul Holmes Turned To Cannabis For Pain Relief, Widow Reveals

    Broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes turned to marijuana for pain relief in the weeks before he died, his widow has revealed. Holmes died in 2013, after battling heart problems and the return of prostate cancer. His name joins those of other well-known New Zealanders who have lent support to the...