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  1. C


    Greetings from Christmas in Houston
  2. kushiwi

    Hi From Houston

    As you can see from my previous grow journals, I used to live and grow in NZ (some beauties from CKS). Recently come out to live in Houston for work and am totally clueless on the scene here. Hoping to find some friends to tide me over this dry times. Jah!
  3. K

    TX: Can Decriminalizing Marijuana Improve Public Safety In Houston?

    Like law enforcement everywhere, Houston officials want safe neighborhoods for a reasonable price. Following decades of rising incarceration and diminishing public safety returns, America's fourth most-populous city is embarking on a new approach to drug crime. On Thursday, Harris County...
  4. 4

    Need help in Houston, TX?

    Check out my girl Emily Shelton. Former prosecutor. Specializes in criminal, juvenile and family law. Her office is downtown (801 Congress) She is on Facebook and Twitter (@sheltonlaw) She is especially good at cases relating to search and seizure. Her voice mail number is 713.305.7915...
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