how to pass a drug test

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    Drug test on Wednesday/Thursday - Advice?

    Hi all. Here's my situation; I am 18 years old, 5'9, about 180 lbs. I am a light smoker, around 1-2gs a week. Although I don't smoke much, I do smoke most every day. I was dry for about 3 days, then smoked 2gs over the course of 6 days. To clarify, the last day that I smoked was 12/18. I was...
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    S.o.s. Please help!

    So here's the deal... I have spent over 3 hours online tonight leafing through these forums on how to pass a drug test and I still haven't found one clear, concise answer. Some threads say to work out avidly, while others say not to work out at all up to a week before... Well, that doesn't work...
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    Help for a piss test!?

    on july 15th i have court for assuat and battery and its a possiblty i can get probation its my first charge and i have and job and stay out of trouble im a minor and if they piss test me i want to know how to pass with out getting caught i smoked last on saturday but before that i quit for...
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    I cant believe I passed my drug test

    Ok so here it is, I can't guarantee this will work for you since we are all different but I passed my drug test after exactly seven. That's right SEVEN days of smoking pot. No I did not use someone's urine and no I didn't use some fancy detox kit. Just some general info I'm a pretty tall guy...
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