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    pH balance 6.4-7

    We have a few clones that are about 4-5 weeks into veg mode. Their soil Ph level is around 6.4 to 7. Does this change depending on what strain they are?
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    MH to HPS changeover concerns...

    Autos, week 4-5 from seed, preflowers barely showing. Time to go HPS? Do HPS lamps run hotter than MH - If so how much higher should I raise them (MH now @ ~22') Any other thoughts/comments? :Namaste: edited and corrected
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    Ultra Sun MH 75k & 10k kelvin temps

    Has anyone used these bulbs for veg and/or flowering? It says there good for all stages of growth but those temps seem high from veg usually being around 4200 and flowering being at around 2100 kelvin temps..
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    Grow Light Options Discussion

    The other day I was having a conversation with another grower I know about, what else, growing! In particular we were discussing grow lights and we had a bit of a disagreement over what was the best in terms of actual performance, overall cost, cost compared to performance, and so on...
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