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  1. Ron Strider

    ME: Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee Continues To Define Regulations

    The Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee continues to work on regulating growers, sellers, and producers, how to protect public safety, and how to tax cannabis. Tuesday, the panel tackled the requirements for retail marijuana production facilities. Lawmakers are considering...
  2. Ron Strider

    Florida's Medical Marijuana Rules Back In Limbo After Legislature Fails To Compromise

    The Florida Legislature adjourned its 2017 session this week without approving an implementation bill for Amendment 2, the constitutional measure approved by 71 percent of voters last November. That's bad news for patients, supporters of medical marijuana say. They're calling on the state to...
  3. K

    Anti-Marijuana Forces In Maine Call For State Moratorium

    Augusta, Maine – Campaigners who opposed a referendum to make marijuana legal in Maine are now calling for a moratorium on implementation of legalization. Voters narrowly approved legalization of marijuana last month. The new law calls for a nine-month implementation period in which state...
  4. K

    MA: Implementing The Marijuana Law In Belmont

    David Alper, chairman of the Belmont Board of Health, discussed the implications of the recreational marijuana law that passed in November's election at the Dec. 12 selectmen meeting. Belmont voted 53 to 47 percent to approve Ballot Question Four in the November general election. "We have to...