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    Outside of tent insulation attempt #1
  2. mackdaddyerb

    TD Silent vs Hyper Fan Stealth

    Torn between.... S&P TD 500 Silent Vs Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth 8" TD will be on full power offering 550-580cfm (28db) Stealth will be on 50% offering around 600cfm (not sure) Which is superior Which is quieter Anyone have either? Any advice would be...
  3. Kingsnake235

    80ft3 Closet Ventilation - Inline CFM + Duct Size Q's

    Hey there! not sure where this should be posted; please feel free to move to somewhere more appropriate if necessary! I am in the process of readying for my first personal grow (link to relevant thread in signature) and I have a few specific questions regarding ventilation, fan size and the...
  4. D

    Cooling a 400w hps cool tube, the right way

    Watsup 420 members, i have a bit of an issue i just pikked up a 400w cool tube mh/hps ive only grown with cfls so im fairly new to these lighting systems My question is : wat kind of inline duct fan would keep my 400w cool tube from over heating and burning my plants how many cfm's to cool...
  5. F

    Passive Intake VS. Inline Fan (Grow Tent) wat do u think?

    Im planning on using 4x4 tent with 1000w aircooled HID.........Ive heard that i dont need intake fan just run passive intake through hole towards bottom, but i also heard passive ok but fan better. For me I like the idea of less noise and less cost thats for sure so passive sounds ideal but i...
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