1. WasabiBuddha

    LOL failed mouth swab

    Had an awesome 15.5 an hour job at a company, like the corporate office. ( I shouldn't refer to the awesome tech company that uses a logo of a fruit that is the opposite of an orange) Had to quit, to move to another department and take a 2 month leave....I figured I'd work at HomeDepot for...
  2. B

    Just need some help with a drug test coming up

    Alright, I'm going into Best Buy for an interview and I don't know if I'll get the job, if I do though I'm pretty sure they drug test. I'm 6' 2" and 250lbs. I've smoked three times in the past month and the last time I toked up was 18 days ago. I really want this job and as soon as I started...
  3. G

    My experience with saliva drug test

    Ok so I got an interview with "A company" they use saliva testing... So I went in on a Tuesday at 4 pm, I smoked at around 4 pm the day before on Monday... When they told me I was going to be taking a drug test I simply said I forgot my ID. This bought me some time as I was allowed to "go and...
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