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  1. Jmills

    QW iso wax help!

    Hi ive made a few batches of qw iso wax recently and always let it evaporate for a day without purging in a double boiler. Im just wondering if this is why its coming out not tasting so good? I thought maybe its because i used trim usually but even when ive used bud it still didnt come out so...
  2. 6ofOne

    Best pen for ISO oil

    I will be making my own ISO oil and was wondering what pen you all find best for this type Of oil. I know I can add glycerol to it and done e-vape but I am not wanting to add anymore chemicals so I would like to stick to straight ISO oil Is there a pen i can refill and use for this? Thanks
  3. dirtybud

    What did I do wrong? IPA cannabis oil

    So I made some dabbing concentrate. Somehow it didn't go so well according to a seasoned dabber friend. The review I got was that it wasn't cooked right or rushed. But I think I did everything right. I started with the QUiSO method, but I didn't see the need to decarboxilate and freeze my...
  4. EzExtractions

    ISO Extraction Journal

    Sup guys gonna be documenting some of my latest ISO Oil Extractions here , will have tons of pictures so feel free to stop by and say whats up and drool at the golden goodness . Strain: Outdoor Blue Cheese Weight: 4.4g Return Weight: 0.8g Return Percentage: 19% Number of Washes: 8 Wash...
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