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lady bugs

  1. trichomes

    Must See Photo! Ladybug eating a live inchworm on my outdoor plant

    Ladybugs are massacring all inchworms & eggs on my outdoor plant as soon as I let them out! Are there any drawbacks to ladybugs used for eradicating pests? I get 1000 bugs for 6 bucks, they last up to 3 weeks! Thank you
  2. G

    Lady Bugs for pest control?

    I have heard people say Lady bugs are great for pest control but I cant find any more info on it. Are they good for mites? Are they plant safe? What about Asian Lady Bugs? Any side effects?
  3. V

    mites week 5 help!

    mani have some killer strains in week 5. i just noticed i have mites.. i had a crop before but not last...i used lady bugs and worked good.. is there anything i can use that will help in week 5? i am affraid to use neem due to taste.. is safer soap going to effect tatse this late? it is winter...