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    TN: Legislator - Metro Marijuana Law Has Some Real Problems

    State Rep. William Lamberth balks at the notion Memphis and Nashville are softening the punishment for simple pot possession. Lamberth, a Republican and former assistant district attorney from Cottontown in Sumner County, is ready to punish the cities, too, by passing legislation in 2017 to...
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    TN: State Rep Considers Withholding Highway Funds If Marijuana Ordinance Passes

    Memphis, Tenn. - It's a smoking hot topic in Memphis, but some lawmakers in Nashville aren't too high on reducing the penalty for small amounts of marijuana. "I would hope they don't proceed in this reckless manner," said Representative William Lamberth. "I hope these laws will be discussed...
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    TN: Why Would The State Keep Us From Decriminalizing Marijuana?

    I have been trying to think of a single instance in which making a substance illegal has kept it out of the hands of people who wanted to use it. Alcohol was an enormous, terrible social issue. We didn't have Prohibition because we were a bunch of fun-killing prudes. We had Prohibition because...