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  2. 7127EDD5-EC89-495D-92C1-15F9E7C373A4.jpeg


  3. Cotton Candy Kush wk5 dy1 02.jpg

    Cotton Candy Kush wk5 dy1 02.jpg

    Surprising frosty and very fuelly at first, cotton candy smell coming out now
  4. My Wake and Bake special

    My Wake and Bake special

    Joint of New York City Diesel x Lavender x Ja Goo flower with Blackberry Kush bubble hash , Romulan and Sunset Sherbet shatter .
  5. fncg

    Completed Fncg's Grow 0.5/1.0 Hempy 2L Perpetual Sea of Green

    :420: And so it begins... You've seen me lurking in your journals, posting here and there, listening to stories of success, of bountiful harvests, of fragrant drying rooms, of solid nugs and packed bowls. I've been taking notes on what seems to work, on what seems easy to do, and on...
  6. ConqueringLOJ

    Completed Conquer's Lavender Grow 2010!

    Hi everyone! I'm back! This will be my second grow, and my second journal. My first grow was excellent! I'm hoping to keep to keep improving, and learn more from you guys! This time around I'm doin a few more plants, in a larger space, and with more wattage. I just ordered some seeds a few...
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