1. S

    Blue light spectrum in LED's to increase yields

    read an scientific article about LED's and their light spectrums a few things I read that surprised me - we all know that the "red" spectrum in led's increase stem elongation - now the blue spectrum - promotes plants compactness and root growth and if use only "blue" spectrum> The research...
  2. T

    3 top 10 light reviews contradict each other - Please help

    Objective: Secure the correct "light setup" to maximize production of a 6x6 area. I currently have (2) plants in half the area, DWC utilizing a "Veloya B100" from Finland. (cost me $2k USD in Indonesia); I am currently battling PH issues, however, I have been told by some "smart people" with...
  3. juz420

    Is she ready?

    Hi Guys, I have this little gal which was a clone from a friend for my first grow, he doesn't know what the strain is, however the flower time is 8 weeks for him, he grows under HPS whereas these grown up under LED's. I'm hoping if someone can answer if these are about 1- 1.5 weeks away from...
  4. I

    To LED or not to LED?

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums, although have been reading 420 for years. This seems to be by far the best community on the web and i am verry happy/exited to now be a part of it. I am planning a larger grow than i am used to using the SOG Ebb and flow technique for 10 plants (2...
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