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light schedule

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    Any advice?

    Hello guys and gals! Firts time posting, been lurking for some time. Great community:circle-of-love: I have some bagseed growing for about 2-3 weeks on 24/0 with some low budget cfl's and i just got a timer. I was trying to set it up for 18/6 and i accidentally dind't turn it on:27: ... now...
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    Cutting back lights to 8/16 after finishing flower

    I'm curious if cuting back lights to 8 on 16 off after finishing or in the final days of flower would do anything beneficial like increase resin production in photoperiod strains? Anyone heard of anyone trying this?
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    Need Help Wth Flowering And Light Schedule

    Im a beginner and a first time grower. I have done tons of research and I have some insight on the steps of growing. I germinated 3 unknown seeds from some weed I got. They are growing successfully and the first pair of serrated leaves are starting to show. The issue is that im growing them...