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light stress

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    Please help diagnose: Light stress?

    Two of my four plants are developing curled leaves, (primarily the new growth), as well as burnt tips and somewhat slow growth. I should also mention one of the two is very lanky. I can't decide whether it's nutrient burn or light stress (or possibly something else). Im leaning towards light...
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    420's Indoor Early Vixen Grow Journal - Nov 2015

    Hi Friends, I don't want to murder any more plants. I can't seem to get no further then about 3 inches of growth. Background on me: Long time 420 smoker and big spender. I'm so mad at myself for not growing years ago. So while at the 420 spot I saw a few lonely clones and bought one for...
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    First Grow, Possible Nute Deficiency, Can someone verify?

    Hello, I've been reading and trying to figure this out on my own, but I really can't tell here. This is my first time ever growing a cannabis plant. It's been about two months now since seed. I have it indoors mostly under some fluorescent bulbs, and I bring it outside when it's nice and...
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