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low cost grow

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    Low Cost Outdoor Grow

    Hey there, Let me present my low cost grow: So i got 5 seeds (i got them for 20 euro total): 1. Bubble Gum Feminized 2. LSD Feminized 3, 4. Exodus Cheese Feminized (2 of them) 5. Galaxy Feminized I planted the seeds pointy tip up, at around 2 cm in the soil, in some small...
  2. K

    Kushwestcoast's - Closet Grow OG Kush#18 - Purple Kush

    Hello everyone!, My name is Kushwestcoast and i am a first time grower, growing in my closet for personal use!. I recently received a nice gift from a departing friend, a nice 8 inch Purple kush plant in very nice condition(No bugs, 1 or 2 yellow leaves witch i trimmed off right away). I also...
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