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    Completed Auto Caramelicious & Lowryder 2 Soil Grow - First Grow - Advice Needed!

    Hi guys! First-time grower here and would appreciate advice from anyone on here with the experience :Namaste: Strains: Auto Caramelicious & Lowryder 2 # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative pending sprout Soil mix: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Pot size: Currently in solo cups but...
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    Abandoned Lowryder #2 CFL Feminized First Grow!

    I wanted to start a grow journal because I thought people would be interested in my super high adventures. Basically the attempt is to figure out whats best for growing before I move to Georgia (we live in Colorado now, and for the most part everything i'm doing is within state laws). The idea...
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    Abandoned Kamy's Second Grow! Lowryder #2 Seeds - Noob Grower

    Hello guys ! welcome to my second grow , well actualy this is still my first grow , my first grow is still in progress , i will just add more seeds to the grow room , since i have a way better grow space now i can handle the 6 plants with no problem , especialy since lowryder's are always small...
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    Help Please

    Hi All, need some help. I have a possible problem: Basic Info 20/4 light cycle Bio Cann Vega/Flores/Bloom Nutrients 1/4-1/2 strenght every 3rd watering. 2 x 125 Blue, 1 x 200w red CFL in 2 x 2 x 4 grow box Temp 75-84 day 65-75 night cycle Fed once v early flowering with Epsom...
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