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  1. Ron Strider

    San Jose-Based Buddy's Cannabis Shop Among First In California With License To Sell

    One of California's first licenses to sell recreational marijuana was awarded to Buddy's Cannabis in San Jose. It currently operates as a marijuana collective but come Jan. 1, anyone 21 and older will be able to stroll in and buy pot. "It's super exciting, honestly it's a milestone at this...
  2. Ron Strider

    Number Of Cannabis Patients Grows To More Than 44,000 In New Mexico

    It's a growing industry in the state. The medical cannabis program has been in place for years but recently the number of cannabis patients in New Mexico has surged. This weekend, an expo is bringing together all aspects of the industry. "New Mexico is really expanding," Gina Lucero said...
  3. Ron Strider

    CA: After Prop 64's Passage, Thousands Hope To have Pot Convictions Overturned

    Thousands of criminal cases related to marijuana are being reviewed since the passage of Proposition 64, allowing those with felony convictions or charges to reduce their sentences to misdemeanors or have their offenses dismissed altogether. "I heard the Sacramento County Sheriff's...
  4. K

    CO: The Spot 420 - Pueblo's Marijuana King

    A few years ago, the building at 745 Industrial Blvd. in Pueblo West was just another vacant warehouse, one of many victims of the Great Recession. "It was empty for years," said owner Rob Lucero. "No one wanted these buildings, but then a guy who wanted to start a marijuana grow came along...