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  1. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    Had a blast playing with trichomes today. Super goo!! Strain-Headband(seed)
  2. Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Beautiful purple buds growing on our Death Bubba plant
  3. Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Death Bubba Hydro Grow

    Beautiful purple buds on our Death Bubba plant
  4. Jackalope

    Wreckage By T.H. Seeds

    Bought this strain as a after thought. Very glad I did. great buds from both the plants I grew. Both produced around 2 oz. I suck at macro photos and photography in general but this Wrec kage but did its part
  5. S

    Growers' Macro Photography - Tools & References

    Hi all !! This thread is made to help people choosing macro-photography tools for trichome control. We need technical information, brand names, and a few pictures examples. -> Even if you use a very cheap gear: as long as you can take a decent macro-photo that shows trichome colors, we are...
  6. T

    Can you help with nutrient calculation advice?

    Hi, could anyone give me some advice, I'm wondering if my nutrients are good enough. I've gone all through veg in hydro without any problems and good rapid growth. Now that I'm flowering I have noticed things seem to be going a lot slower than they should be. I'm using a general nutrient...
  7. M

    Purple BloodySkunk - Macro Included

  8. J189RFC

    Perpetual Macro

    Place for all the pics where your right up in there making lady Jane blush. Post your best macro shots here, I will too! :Love::Love::Love::Love: Auto Northern Lights 2014
  9. dogbud54

    The Flower

    Pictures from an unique flower!
  10. mangosnapper

    Information For Hi-Brix - Bio-Dynamic Agriculture - Growing

    1) CEC — Understanding Soil Storage CEC or Cation Exchange Capacity, is a measurement on your soil test that indicates the amount of clay present in your soil. Clay is negatively charged and it attracts minerals that are positively charged, called cations. Over 70% of the minerals in the...
  11. chronicflash

    Grand Daddy Purple - Macro

    Love GDP. This medicine i got has def. 2 distinct pheno's, one is the classic GDP citrusy grapey smell, the other is a more deiselish spicy smell. Also some of the buds that had more purple had more of the classic GDP smell.
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