magnum synthetic urine

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    Magnum Fetish Urine 2pz Bottle Only

    Just here to post my exp. With using fake pee........ Ok I live in the ft worth Texas area and am a very heavy user . average around 2-3 grams a day and 5-10 grams on weekdays. I use freely and every were i go...yes i am aware of the consequences , but ive been pulled over many times and a few...
  2. J

    Magnum Synthetic Urine....any luck?!

    So I had to take a pre-employment drug test this past Monday. Of course I couldn't use my own pee, since its "tainted"! lol. So I went to buy the magnum synthetic urine, which I heard good things about! Well, its now Friday and I still have not heard anything back from my job. For any of those...
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