male identifycation

  1. F

    Male or female

    Can anyone help me identify the sex of this plant. Its 8 weeks old so it has to be showing signs of preflower. I'm a first timer so I don't really know what I'm looking for.
  2. Herbdude

    Yoo I'm new - Got a few questions for a couple of experienced growers

    This is my second grow now and iv just put my Ak47 Seed in for germination... Because I didn't click the right option when buying the seed I accidentally got a unfeminised seed. Is their any way to tell if the seed is male or female during vegetative state?.
  3. A


    Is this plant a male? i know the photos are blurry, but it is the best i can do with the camera i have. They have only be on 12/12 for 4 days? thank you
  4. damnyourhot

    I need help identifying a male

    its small looks like its growing pods my other doesnt have these looking traits at all i think its male since i have no where else to flower it i will most likly cut it down i think my other plant is female white widow i am so lucky for being my 1st time ever that i get a female and...
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