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male or female

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    Male or female?

    Hello I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm new to growing and I'm not sure if my plant is a male or female. Is it too young to tell? Please help :(
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    Hope it's a female

    Are these the two white hairs that I should be looking for.
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    Male or female?

    Hi guys! This is my first grow and I\'m trying to determine if this is a male or female plant.. I\'v asked some friends and some say its male. but others have said its in some kind of pre budding stage?? The plant is about 5 weeks old, and I have two others growing as well.. So i need to kno if...
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    How long

    I just started my 12/12 period. how many days before i can tell the sex , when i can see the male pods? how many weeks before i can tell the sex of the plants? thank you
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    Need help with male/female plants

    I need someones opinion on what I should do for my growroom. I have 8 plants some male and some female. I took a picture for each plant. I am wondering for sure which ones are male and female and also I am wondering if I should get rid of the males to make more room for the females. The last...
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    What's the deal?

    :peace:Hey this is my second attempt at growing my own! I just don't really know what is going on with my plant??? At first I thought it was a male because of the little balls however now I am seeing hairs...Can anyone explain to me what I have here??:peace: